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Manga Recommendation: Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom 2

Assassination Classroom was serialised in Shonen Jump between 2012 and March 2016, ending after its 180th chapter. It has been collected into 21 volumes, all of which are now available in Japan, and 15 volumes are currently published in English, due to be completed by summer 2018.

In 2015 a spin-off series started running in Shonen Jump called Koro-Sensai Q.

The story and art Assassination Classroom was done by Yusei Matsui, who previously wrote the 23 volume series Neuro: Supernatural Detective (not published in English). Matsui has also worked as an assistant to Yushio Sawai, the mangaka of Bobobo-bo-bo-bobo.


The story is about the students in the bottom class of a prestigious school and their teacher, who just happens to be a tentacled monster bent on destroying the planet at the end of the school year if he is not assassinated first.

So the Ministry of Defense sends assassination teachers to train the students in skills and techniques to kill their teacher, and save the Earth.


Although the title ‘Assassination Classroom’ implies an emphasis on violence, the series focuses more on the development of the students within the classroom.

The series asks questions of the education system’s use of testing to rank students opposed to nurturing their individual talents of students.

Within the school presented in the manga, students are divided into five groups, A-E, with A being the highest achieving students, and E being the lowest achieving, and referred to as the ‘End Class’. These students have been separated from the main school and are continuously looked down on by other students and teachers.

However, while in class E the students begin to learn more and more about their individual talents, and that by working together they can perform better than anyone else.

Also, every now and again they use what they learn to work together to try and kill their teacher, ‘Koro-Sensai’.

The one issue I had reading the series is that early on it becomes very repetitive to read as story arcs are very similar and long winded, but after the first few volumes arcs become shorter and the reader can feel the progression of time as the series progresses.

Character development is good with many of the central characters, and you can see the attitudes and mannerisms of students evolve as the series progresses. Admittedly, this occurs slower with female characters, but this seems to be changing in the most recent volumes.

I really enjoyed the themes of working together to accomplish goals opposed to working individuality, and the research and thought Matsui has put into aspects of the story such as the exam questions when the students take part in school exams.

In volume 14 in particular, there is a maths exam and the students in class A struggle to use complicated formulas to answer the question in the allocated time, while a class E student reads it over and from looking at it from a different perspective realises the formulas are unnecessary and the answer is actually quite obvious.


Violence is present in the series, but is minimal with no gory and bloody scenes throughout the series, The weapons used to try and assassinate Koro-Sensai are designed so that they can only harm Koro-Sensai, they refer to them as ‘Anti-Sensai’.

Some readers may have issues with one of the teachers, Ms. Vitch, who is a common character for fan service and also teaches some of the girls to use their bodies to aid them in assassinations. But her character does develop later in the series. She is also often referred to as Ms. Bitch by he students, which is the only instance of swearing throughout the series.

I would say that overall, the offensive content is kept relatively low, and the series is rated T+.


With 15 volumes currently available in English, and 21 volumes completing the series by the middle of next year, now is a good time to start reading if you are not already doing so. I would recommend Assassination Classroom as a ‘SHOULD READ’.


Manga Releases for June 2017

With May coming to a close and June starting this month, I thought I would do a little research and write up a release schedule for the manga coming out next month. Most manga being released by the major publishers can be found in the table below, and a few from smaller publishers. Let me know what your looking forward to most in June, personally I’m looking forward to Assassination Classroom and a new volume of Vinland Saga.

Title Author Publisher Release Date
Assassination Classroom, vol. 16 Yusei Matsui Viz Media June 6, 2017
Black Clover, vol. 7 Yuki Tabata Viz Media June 6, 2017
Blood Mary, vol. 7 Akaza Samamiya Viz Media June 6, 2017
Captive Hearts of Oz, vol.2 Ryo Maruya & Mamenosuke Fujimaru Seven Seas June 6, 2017
Devil’s Line, vol. 7 Ryo Hanada Kodansha Comics June 6, 2017
Everyone’s Getting Married, vol. 5 Izumi Miyazomo Viz Media June 6, 2017
Fairytale: Rhodonite Kyouta Shibanoo Kodansha Comics June 6, 2017
Fire Force, vol. 4 Atsushi Ohkubo Kodansha Comics June 6, 2017
Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma, vol. 18 Yuto Tsukuda & Shun Saeki Viz Media June 6, 2017
Haikyu!!, vol. 12 Haruichi Furudate Viz Media June 6, 2017
Kamisama Kiss, vol. 24 Julietta Suzuki Viz Media June 6, 2017
Kuroko’s Basketball, vol. 11&12 Tadatoshi Fujimaki Viz Media June 6, 2017
Magical Dance, vol. 18 Nao Nagata Tokyo Pop June 6, 2017
My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness Kabi Nagata Seven Seas June 6, 2017
Noragami, vol. 18 Adachitoka Kodansha Comics June 6, 2017
One Piece (Omnibus) vol. 58-60 Eiichiro Oda Viz Media June 6, 2017
Please Tell Me! Gaiko-Chan Kenya Suzuki Seven Seas June 6,2017
Princess Resurrection, vol. 15 Yasunori Mitsunaga Kodansha Comics June 6, 2017
Seraph of the End, vol. 12 Takaya & Yamato Yamamoto Viz Media June 6, 2017
So Cute It Hurts, vol. 13 Go Ikeyamada Viz Media June 6, 2017
Sweetness & Lightning, vol. 6 Gido Amagakure Kodansha Comics June 6, 2017
Vinland Saga, Book 9 Makoto Yukimura Kodansha Comics June 6, 2017
Yona of the Dawn, vol. 6 Mizuho Kusanagi Viz Media June 6, 2017
Appleseed Alpha Shirow Masamune Kodansha Comics June 8, 2017
After Hours, vol. 1 Yuhta Nishio Viz Media June 13, 2017
Ahogaru: A Clueless Girl Hiroyuki Kodansha Comics June 13, 2017
Air Gear, vol. 36 Oh?Great Kodansha Comics June 13, 2017
Complex Age, vol. 5 Yui Sakuma Kodansha Comics June 13, 2017
Dragonar Academy, vol. 12 Ran & Shiki Mizuchi Seven Seas June 13, 2017
Flying Witch, vol. 2 Chichiro Ishizuka Kodansha Comics June 13, 2017
Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, vol. 24 Shinobe Ohtaka Viz Media June 13, 2017
Masamune-Kun’s Revenge, vol. 5 Hazuki Takeoka & Tiv Seven Seas June 13, 2017
Monster Hunter: Flash Hunter, vol. 8 Keiichi Hikami & Shin Yamamoto Viz Media June 13, 2017
Mysterious Girlfriend X, vol. 6 Riichi Ueshiba Kodansha Comics June 13, 2017
Red Riding Hood and the Big Sad Wolf, vol. 1 Hachoujou Arata Seven Seas June 13, 2017
Species Domain, vol. 2 Shunsuke Noro Seven Seas June 13, 2017
Tales of Zestiria, vol. 1 Shiramine Seven Seas June 13, 2017
Fate/Zero, vol. 5 Shinjiro Dark Horse June 14, 2017
Animal Land Makoto Raiku Kodansha Comics June 20, 2017
Aoharu X Machinegun, vol. 5 Naoe Yen Press June 20, 2017
Bizenghast: The Collector’s Edition, vol. 3 M. Alice LeGrow Tokyo Pop June 20, 2017
Blame! Master Edition 4 Tsutomu Nihei Kodansha Comics June 20, 2017
Bungo Stray Dogs, vol. 3 Kafka Asagiri Yen Press June 20, 2017
Clockwork Planet, vol. 3 Yuu Kamiya Kodansha Comics June 20, 2017
Dorohedoro, vol. 21 Q Hayashida Viz Media June 20, 2017
Dragons Rioting, vol. 7 Tsuyoshi Watanabe Yen Press June 20, 2017
Erased, vol. 2 Kei Sanbe Yen Press June 20, 2017
Golden Kamuy, vol. 1 Satoru Noda Viz Media June 20, 2017
Goodnight Punpun, vol. 6 Inio Asano Viz Media June 20, 2017
Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash, vol. 1 Ao Jyumonji Yen Press June 20, 2017
Handa, Kun, vol. 6 Satsuki Yoshino Yen Press June 20, 2017
Holy Corpse Rising, vol. 3 Hosana Tanaka Seven Seas June 20, 2017
How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend Fumiaki Maruto Yen Press June 20, 2017
Inuyashiki, vol. 7 Hiroya Oku Kodansha Comics June 20, 2017
Kiniro Mosaic, vol. 3 Yui Hara Yen Press June 20, 2017
Kiss Him, Not Me, vol. 11 Junko Kodansha COmics June 20, 2017
Kitaro and the Great Tanuki War Shigeru Mizuki Drawn & Quarterly June 20, 2017
Legend of the Galactic Heroes, vol. 4 Yoshiki Tanaka Viz media June 20, 2017
Master Keaton, vol. 11 Naoki Urasawa Viz Media June 20, 2017
No Game No Life, Please!, vol. 1 Yuu Kamiya Yen Press June 20, 2017
Of the Red, the Light, and the Ayakashi, vol. 7 HaccaWorks Yen Press June 20, 2017
Otome Mania!!, vol. 1 Tsukigase Yurino Seven Seas June 20, 2017
Prison School, vol. 7 Akira Hiramoto Yen Press June 20, 2017
Real Account, vol. 7 Shizumu Watanabe Kodansha Comics June 20, 2017
School-Live!, vol. 7 Norimitsu Kaihou Yen Press June 20, 2017
Strike the Blood, vol. 7 Gakuto Mikumo Yen Press June 20, 2017
The Astrisk War, vol. 4 Yuu Miyazaki Yen Press June 20, 2017
The Devil is a Part-timer, vol. 9 Satoshi Wagahara Yen Press June 20, 2017
The Honor Student at Magic High School, vol. 7 Tsutomu Sato Yen Press June 20, 2017
Today’s Cerberus Ato Sakurai Yen Press June 20, 2017
Tokyo Ghoul, vol. 13 Sui Ishida Viz Media June 20, 2017
Your Name, vol. 1 Makoto Shinkai Yen Press June 20, 2017
Hatsune Miku: Acute Shiori Asahina Dark Horse June 21, 2017
RG Veda, book 3 Clamp Dark Horse June 21, 2017
Attack on TItan: Junior High, vol. 5 Hajime Isayama Kodansha Comics June 27, 2017
Beasts of Abigaile, vol. 1 Spica Aoki Seven Seas June 27, 2017
Concrete Revolutio Nylon, Bones & Aikawa Shou Seven Seas June 27, 2017
Fairy Tail Master Edition, vol. 16-20 Hiro Mashima Kodansha Comics June 27, 2017
Freezing, vol. 15-16 Kwang-Hyun Kim & Dall-Young Lim Seven Seas June 27, 2017
Hour of the Zombie, vol. 5 Tsukasa Saimura Seven Seas June 27, 2017
Land of the Lustrous Haruko Ichikawa Kodansha Comics June 27, 2017



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Manga Collection: May 2017


Hi everyone,

Just a quick note in relation to this. I filmed this collection video and posted it on my YouTube channel (turtlelostinspace) a few days ago before setting up this WordPress page. I thought I would share it here for anyone who may be interested in seeing it.

I’d love to hear about what manga you may have and what you like to read. If you have any comments don’t hesitate o strike up a bit of conversation in the comments section either here, or on YouTube.

Hope you all have a nice day,


The Gods Lie by Kaori Ozaki


The Gods Lie is a single volume manga published in Japan as Kamisama ga uso wo tsuku in 2013 by Kodansha after being serialized in Afternoon magazine. It was later published in English in 2016 by Vertical Comics.

The story and artwork was done by Kaoir Ozaki who was also the mangaka who wrote the series ‘Immortal Rain’. She has also written a short story collection titles ‘Knife’.


Natsuru Nanao, a 6th Grader who lives with his mother, strikes p an unlikely friendship with the reserved Rio Suzumura. Natsuru skips his summer soccer camp that summer, and instead of telling the truth to his mother, he spends all his time with Rio and her kid brother at their rickety house, where a dark secret threatens to upend their fragile happiness.


The story in this manga is about young people having to face the realities behind the lies they have been told throughout their lives. The main characters try to hold onto the world as they had always believed it to be despite knowing that it cannot be.

Struggling to adapt to changes in his life, Natsuru skips his summer soccer camp and spends day and night with Suzumura and her brother. The three start to view their new situation as a sort of start of a new family, living what they see as a truly idealistic life. But the reality of the world starts to catch up to them and they are forced to face the world they have desperately tried to escape from.

Ozaki’s artwork beautifully syncs up with the story telling and holds the reader’s attention from start to finish. The reader find’s themselves emerged in the story, wanting to see how these characters came to be in the situation they are, and what will happen to them by the end of the story. At only 214 pages, The God’s Lie can easily be read in a single sitting.

Offensive Content

While reading the manga I found very few potential issues which could be viewed as offensive o some readers. Only one swear word was used throughout the story, but it was not offensive or insulting in the context used.

One abnormality did stand out early in the story as being somewhat strange, especially in this particular story. Near the start of the story the main character squeexes his mother’s breats while they hug and it is addressed as somewhat normal behaviour. The action didn’t seem to have any follow-on actions or consequences and simple stood out as something odd to be included in the story in the first place.

Overall I would say that there isn’t really anything in this manga that could be taken offensively, and I could not find any official rating or parental warnings in regards to The Gods Lie.


The Gods Lie is a very short manga, only 214 pages over five chapters, and the English release by Vertical Comics is very nice. The story may appeal to fans of Summer Wars and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. If series such as these interest you, then I would recommend The Gods Lie as a ‘MUST READ’.

Rating: 4.5/5